The genesis transaction output starts the chain of marks in git mark

In order to start marking you will need a genesis transaction output

This will also have a public address and a private key (secret exponent)

You will need the transaction id and the secret exponent to start git marking

One way to save the secret exponent is in git

git config gitmark.secret <secretexponent>

This is not terribly secure, but for small projects to get started it is convenient

A useful way to generate an address and secret exponent would be:

Use a very secure password for anything more than testing

Once you have an address, send some coins there from a faucet, a friend, or by being marked

The genesis id also doubles as the @id for a gitmark project

Optionally it can be added a file, gitmark.json in the root directory of your repo

It may look like this:

  "@id": "gitmark:b1fb9acb83f85887760b2e1a71e1df370976b1596be101bb0dbe8fd1c80f91cd:0",
  "genesis": "gitmark:b1fb9acb83f85887760b2e1a71e1df370976b1596be101bb0dbe8fd1c80f91cd:0",
  "nick": "myrepo",
  "package": "./package.json",
  "repository": "./"

Once you have your genesis tx, you can make your first git mark by running, for example:

git mark --genesis b1fb9acb83f85887760b2e1a71e1df370976b1596be101bb0dbe8fd1c80f91cd:0

Do this after you have commited your first files, and as recommended a gitmark.json file too